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Aug 24, 2020 | James Beard | 2225 views
During these unprecedented times as September approaches we know that the families within our association are wondering if and what our 2020-2021 hockey season will look like.  PLEASE READ ON...

The Ontario Hockey Federation has worked in conjunction with Hockey Canada, the National Sport Organization (NSO) for hockey, and the Ontario Government to ensure that the safety of our Players, Coaches, Officials, Administrators and Volunteers are at the centre of the return to play plan. This plan focuses on making the return to hockey fluid, while enhancing the experience.  

The season will look very different than in past years, and we are sure there will possibly be more changes throughout the season.

However, we wanted to provide our association families with some information on how SLMHA plans to progress with this season.  

As of September 1st it appears that we will be in Stage 3b of the Ontario Hockey Federations return to play plan - Return to Hockey.  Please take the time to review this document. After reviewing the OHF plan and the requirements from the Kawartha Recreational facilities the SLMHA season will start with these modifications in place.    

September will be a skills development time for all, which will give us some time to put together the below format. The start of the season is dependent on when the ice goes in, but at this time we are anticipating starting to get kids back on the ice around the 2nd or 3rd week of September.    

There is no OMHA league or scheduled games at this time. ·       
There will be no try outs at this time. ·       
Players can be in a bubble of a maximum of 50 (including coaches and trainers).·       
All players in the bubble must be within our SLMHA unit. ·       
A maximum of 25 individuals can be on the ice surface at one time (including coaches and trainers). Given the requirements of the bubble size and on ice number restrictions we may be grouping players into a maximum group size of 20 before stepping on the ice for the first time. ·       
The 20-player grouping is to allow us to maximize the number of players on the ice at one time, and allow us to further break the group out into two 10 player teams for 3 on 3 games or 4 on 4 games. ·       
The 10 player teams would consist of 9 skaters and 1 goalie.  
Game Details (3 on 3 / 4 on 4) will be provided as soon as we have more info on this game format. 

More specific details and information will be provided in the coming weeks, but a general overview is, players cannot attend any hockey related activity if they have tested Covid positive, or are exhibiting symptoms CLICK HERE, been in close contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms/ or tested positive. 
More details on the reporting of symptoms, positive results, etc. will come in the following weeks. All players must come dressed in equipment prior to entering the facility.
Skates, helmets, & gloves can be put on in the arena designated locations.·
No water bottles will be provided by the association, if required bring your own.
Dressing rooms will be closed.·
A face mask must be worn by all when entering the facility.
Skaters only can remove their masks just prior to going on the ice.·       
Please click on the following link for arena protocol.     
At this point in time, no parents are allowed to enter the arena to watch practices or games.·       
For U10, one parent is permitted in the arena to tie skates for their child and then must exit the building immediately.·       
All players / parents will be required to sign in and sign out of the building and  provide a contact phone number for all ice times, complete a health assessment questionnaire for all ice times. ·       
Players cannot enter the arena more than 10 minutes prior to the start of their ice time. ·       
Players must exit the arena within 15 minutes after the end of their ice time.  ·       
Physical distancing of 2m (6ft) must be maintained at all times, while the players are getting ready for their scheduled ice time.  ·       

More information on our “Intro to Hockey” program will be provided in mid-September. The “Intro to Hockey” Program typically begins following the Thanksgiving weekend.  


E-transfer only payment, MUST be received via e-transfer by September 1, 2020.·       
The first payment (half of the original sign up total) is the fee per player until December 31st, 2020.·       
Registrations / payments received after September 1st will automatically be put on a waiting list (if divisions are full) due to the bubbling requirements. ·       
The second half registration fees will be collected mid-December. 

On the date of the players first ice time each player will be required to bring ALL of the following documents to be allowed on the ice:
Please complete on-line registration, if you have not already done so. CLICK HERE·       
Medical form, please print, sign and bring to first skate. CLICK HERE       
Understanding of physical distancing and Covid related procedures form. CLICK HERE       
Player code of conduct - signed by player. CLICK HERE  
Parent code of conduct - signed by parent CLICK HERE

We understand that this is a time of uncertainty for many, and that there will be lots of questions related to how the hockey season will progress. Please ensure you check the website regularly as we will be using this as our main method to communicate important information to the families within our association. Also, please keep in mind that these requirements and guidelines may change in the coming weeks based on the guidelines brought forward by OHF, SLMHA or our local Health Unit.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to any SLMHA board executive member.