Player Contract (Sturgeon Lake Minor Hockey)

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1) Play for the “fun of it”, not just to please your parents or coach.

2) Play by the rules.

3) Never argue with the officials’ decisions. Let your captain or coach ask any necessary questions.

4) Control your temper – no “mouthing off”, no abusive language, no tantrums, no breaking sticks, no throwing gloves or other equipment.

5) Work equally hard for yourself and your team – your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.

6) Be a good sport. Cheer all good plays, whether your team’s or your opponents’. Learn to lose “well” and win “well”.

7) Treat all your players as you yourself would like to be treated. Don’t interfere with, take unfair advantage, bully or intent to injure any player.

8) Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good. Don’t be a show-off or always try to get the most points or penalties.

9) Cooperate with your coaches, teammates and opponents, for without them, you don’t have a game.

10) Remember that you are representing yourself, your parents, your team and your community, association and sponsor at all times, including to and from the arena.

11) Follow guidelines for dress code that may be set out by the team officials or the association.

12) Will not convey or distribute offensive, derogatory, libelous or defamatory comments about any other member including, but not limited to, coaches, players, parents, trainers, managers and officials, by way of electronic text, email, message boards, social media or other electronic medium which may be viewed or received by members of the public and/or a significant number of members of the Association.



  • I will attend all practices and games, yet if I am unable to attend I will contact my coach/manager ASAP.
  • I will come on time (40 minutes prior to the scheduled ice time), ready to give my full attention.
  • I will listen and follow the direction of the coaching staff and officials.
  • I will wear all my equipment as required.
  • I will work as hard in practices as I do in games. 
  • I will respect my coaches, teammates, referees, parents, and the opponent.
  • I will do my best to eat healthy and refrain from eating greasy or heavy foods 3 hours before game time. 
  • I will follow the team’s dress code for games. 
  • I understand playing for SLMHA is a privilege, not a right.
  • I will not take a cell phone, tablet or camera into the dressing room.
  • I understand that my conduct on and off the ice has consequences.  By mouthing off, taking excessive penalties, disrespecting teammates, coaches, officials, and executive could result in the following:
    1. Meeting with parents, coach. 
    2. Meeting with parents, coach, and executive with suspension. 
    3. Removal from team.


**** Please refer to the SLMHA Disciplinary Guidelines that are located on the website.  These Disciplinary Guidelines are meant as a guide.  Each situation will be reviewed for its severity, occurrences, and situation.  The Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to alter any decisions and/or punishments based on the above and an investigation of the situation.  *****


If I do not follow the above rules, I may suffer consequences that may include the following:

  1. Team meeting between coaches (or Executive) and all players going over Player Code of Conduct.
  2. Discussion between coaching staff and player (possible parent involvement) if rule broken.
  3. Loss of ice-time during a game and/or practice.
  4. Player removed from practice, games, and team events.
  5. Player asked to stay away from team events for a period of time.
  6. Player removed permanently from team.
  7. Will need review / meeting before registration next season

I understand that failure to sign the PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT will result in not being able to play SLMHA hockey.

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